Bringing craft beer to the Tarentaise Valley, and beyond.



In the heart of the Tarentaise Valley

The Tarentaise Valley is steeped in history. Celtic tribes once roamed and controlled the valley, and Hannibal and his elephants supposedly passed through here on their 218BC march towards Rome.

Modern times have capitalised on the valley’s impressive geography and brought about two major phenomena of technological development: hydroelectric schemes to power big industry downstream, and a number of world-renowned ski resorts. Indeed the Tarentaise is now home to the world’s three largest ski areas and, every year, hundreds of thousands of skiers, bikers, hikers visit these resorts.

We love this valley but at the end of an epic day on the hill, could never find a decent beer, that wasn’t mass-produced, fizzy, and full of additives.

After witnessing the meteoric rise of craft beer in the UK and USA we decided that in 2018, enough was enough. The Tarentaise needs quality, locally produced beer. And thus Sapaudia Brewing Co. was born.

The brewery is located in the heart of the Valley, and we have 40 ski resorts within delivery range. Using state of the art brewing equipment, we’re able to produce up to 20000 litres of beer per month.

Our mission is simple: to provide independently-produced quality craft beer for the locals and tourists of the Tarentaise Valley and beyond.

Meet the brewers

Ash Smith & Tim Longstaff

Ash and Tim met properly in 2015 (although Ash had known Tim since birth, they hadn’t really seen each other for over 20 years). Both had spent lots of time living in and around the Alps. From the start, Tim regularly instigated conversation about the lack of decent beer in France. Eventually, Ash cracked and the decision was made to start learning how to brew. The rest is history.

Ash brings to the table a background in engineering and brand development; Tim combines an excellent mastery of the brewing process with a relentless willingness to chat to anyone at any time about the many merits of our beer. Between us we do everything; from product development to brewing, from marketing to deliveries.